indianapolis exhibitions ’05, ’06

from massachusetts avenue

by shawn miller

Ron Clark has accomplished something very difficult in the world of modern art: Developing a highly original process of oil painting using traditional mediums and perfecting the technique to a point that it becomes virtually impossible to decode. His works are not simply ‘color fields;’ the multi-layered canvases possess an inner depth and radiance one must experience personally to grasp. This unique luminescence and a broad range of surface textures result in works of simply unparalleled effect.

In a broader sense, Clark’s paintings embody another elusive trait; the capacity to transport the viewer to another ‘place.’ The compositions, bearing his deft and trademark use of color and light, resonate not only with the seasoned collector, but with patrons from any walk of life, a distinction bestowed on few artists of any period. I believe Ron Clark is on to something many of today’s fine artists miss; a capacity to push the limits of the media he works with, while at the same time producing works of great beauty and allure that reward extended viewing and provide limitless dialogue.


Shawn Miller is owner and director of 4 Star Gallery, one of Indianapolis’ most respected and established contemporary galleries, located on Massachusetts Avenue in the heart of the Indy gallery district. Currently an active member and past president of IDADA (the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers' Association), he has organized and staged numerous individual and group shows featuring many of the nation’s most significant and emerging artists.